Vehicle Security

Vehicle security over the last 10 years has almost been forgotten but due to the crime spree of more recent times vehicle theft and tool theft from vans have rocketed.

We can no longer neglect our vehicle security. At Auto Installations we try to offer the best solutions from the market leaders within the vehicle security industry.

We offer a range of products from some of the leading security system suppliers including, Gemini, Sigma, Vodafone, Scorpion, Meta, Locks4vans and many more.

We offer vehicle Alarms to protect the vehicle from a break-in, AI GHOST can bus Immobilisers to prevent the vehicle from being stolen even with the key, Trackers to get your vehicle back if it’s stolen and for commercial vehicles we offer Hook Locks, Deadlocks, Slam locks, Relocks, Lock shielding and anti-peel to deter and prevent tool theft.